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“I love this nursing cover. Nursing my baby in public was almost stressful because she would playfully try to peek at me while feeding and expose me. My back would also hurt from being hunched over. The Covillow addresses both these issues. Not only am I completely covered, but the pillow is great.”


“I would definitely recommend the Covillow to new, nursing mothers. I like that is covers all around, so you don’t have to worry about showing your back when lifting your shirt or flashing someone because your baby decides to push the cover over. The best feature is the pillow inside. It’s a nice feature to support baby while feeding. I have had so many people come up to me and say how they love that it comes with the pillow. I have washed it a couple of times and it has held up very well. This is a lifesaver.”


“I was leery about nursing in public until I bought the Covillow. I’m rather large-breasted, and never felt fully covered with any other nursing cover. Also, if the wind blew in the wrong direction, I was out of luck. But this covers you all the way around, and is perfect for well-endowed women and those who are simply more modest – I am both.”


“Its easy to use.  Baby has space so he is happy.  The pillow provides ample support to the baby.  Overall a simple yet a well designed product.”


“I’m very private and don’t like to breast feed out in the open but I do recall a time when I was in the city and my child was screaming for milk and there wasn’t a single mothers room in sight. So I had no choice but to feed her regardless so I went home researching and came across the Covillow breast feeding cover. Ordered it and it came on time! Best thing out I just wished I purchased it earlier.  It comes with a pillow and I love how it covers my back and sides. Now I’m more comfortable feeding my child in public I might just order another one so I can leave it in the car.”


“I visited your booth at the ABC Expo and really was pleased with the design of your breast feeding in public cover-up. The design bonus for me was the pillow attached right to the cover-up. It meant that the user wouldn’t have to prop their knee up to get their baby up to their breast. When my babies were little, I actually rolled up a blanket and put it under my arm when they got bigger so my arm wouldn’t get tired. PLUS, it fits right in a diaper bag so you’re not packing around an extra bag. Thanks Covillow for thinking up a great product.”


“When I discuss breastfeeding with my patients, a topic that typically comes up is how to incorporate breastfeeding into the busy lives of my patients. The Covillow is the first and only of its kind that gives breastfeeding mothers the privacy, comfort and convenience they need to confidently breastfeed in public. The Covillow is a perfect product for addressing my patient’s needs and concerns pertaining to privacy, convenience and functionality. As an expecting mother myself, I have already included the Covillow on my baby shower list and recommend this product to all patients that anticipate to breastfeed.  This product is truly a must have for new or experienced breastfeeding mothers.”

Kimberly, RN, MSN, ARNP
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

“I’m a working mother of a beautiful 8-week baby.  I decided to breast-feed for all the obvious benefits.  However, nobody told me how difficult and challenging it would be.  For the first 5 weeks I was either breast-feeding or pumping.  My husband and I enjoy dining out.  I need to make sure I pump enough milk for 1 to 2 feedings. Pumping is hard!  It takes 45 minutes to barely get 3 oz. Covillow has made it a lot easier.  I no longer worry about pumping before going out on a date-night.  It’s a lot easier to put the Covillow in the diaper bag rather than prepare 2 bottles hours before I leave the house.  I tried wearing an apron before, but it just didn’t work.  Thank you guys for making this great product.”


“I purchased a Covillow after I was disappointed in another product.  The Covillow offers more privacy on the sides which is good because my baby is very large, 25 pounds, and likes to try to play “Peek-a-boo” while nursing.  This was cute until a group of construction workers passed by.  I like privacy and this product offers that.  I would highly recommend Covillow to all nursing mothers.”


“I have used the Covillow in Church, at theme parks, sporting events, parks, malls, and restaurants, and it is the only product that has made me feel 100% comfortable with nursing in public. I can nurse anywhere, in front of anyone, and know that I am completely covered and comfortable and other people around me feel comfortable as well.”


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