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Covillow, LLC was established in 2010 by Candice Boehm, a stay at home mom and experienced breastfeeding mother of two, on a mission to change the way the public and mothers perceived breastfeeding in public.  Being a modest mom that still wanted to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, conventional breastfeeding covers on the market inadequately provided privacy for her sides and the small of her back while lifting up her shirt to breastfeed. She also carried a popular nursing pillow with her to make her breastfeeding experience more comfortable for her and her baby while out and about. Bringing multiple breastfeeding items on the go in addition to everything she needed for her and her children for a trip somewhere became cumbersome and frustrating. This is when Candice had the idea to design one item that provided privacy in public, the comforts of nursing at home with the convenience of bringing only one item with you while on the go.

The Covillow, and its patended design, is the first and only of its kind, and gives breastfeeding mothers the privacy, comfort and convenience they need to confidently breastfeed in public. The name Covillow, pronounced cuvillow, combines the words cover and pillow together, and is the first product for Covillow, LLC. We are proud to say our products are handmade with love in the USA.

Breastfeeding is a special dedication that a mother has to her child and if you are able to breastfeed, Covillow, LLC wants to help you feel comfortable and confident enough to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. We want to help make sure your breastfeeding experience is the best it can be for as long as you want it to be and are proud to support mothers that breastfeed. At Covillow, LLC, we believe strongly in family and know that once you purchase a Covillow, you become part of our family.

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