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I’m Expecting and Want To Breastfeed, But I’m Insecure About How I Will Fit Breastfeeding Into My Busy Lifestyle.

Take comfort in knowing that many mothers have been in your shoes.  I am a very modest Mom and really had to think about the challenges I was about to undertake.  Many of our insecurities about breastfeeding have to do with the social aspects of “How will I do this in public?”.  Many times we think about the things we enjoy in our routine daily lives when it is just us we have to think about.  Partly we are concerned about being limited to the things we do and enjoyed prior to having a precious child.  For instance, I for one would like my routine coffee at Starbucks on Tuesday mornings with the moms group I belonged to.  Another example is going shopping on weekends in busy malls.  When I thought about how I will continue to do the things I enjoy outside my home but at the same time offer my child the well documented benefits of breastfeeding, I sometimes became frustrated with the decision.  I felt like I was being selfish, because I knew what would be best for my child but I also had a hard time dealing with having to give up or modify some of the social aspects of my daily life.

A word of advice; don’t feel like you will have to reinvent and live a completely different social lifestyle because you are having a baby and will be breastfeeding.  Will things change, yes they will…less sleep, changing diapers etc. but one thing you don’t have to change are the things you do and enjoy because you feel like you will be challenged to breastfeed on the go.

How you handle and prepare for the change when committing to breastfeeding will be key.  Like most moms, we look and evaluate products to assist us.  We do our research and usually we take the recommendation of another mom that has used something that works well. In regards to a breastfeeding cover, I for one took recommendations from other moms that breastfed and purchased several breastfeeding covers that was recommended by my friends.  I encourage you to talk to other moms about how they handle breastfeeding in public.  You really need to understand what they like about the products they purchased to address breastfeeding in public but also what challenges they continued to have.  At the bottom of this blog post, I’ve included some good questions to get answered.  These are the questions I had that resulted in the development of the Covillow.  If you find answers to these questions prior to your first experience breastfeeding in public, you can feel confident that it will be a pleasant experience.

We at Covillow® understand the challenges you face and think about when making the decision to breastfeed.  If you are insecure about handling the privacy aspect of breastfeeding on the go, comfort for you and your baby, or how you will fit breastfeeding into your busy lifestyle, Covillow® has the answer.

The Covillow®, combines an exclusively private and comfortable breastfeeding cover and pillow in one, designed for the busy mom and with the purpose of being a simple and practical solution, allowing mothers everywhere to enjoy those special nurturing moments with your baby, regardless of time or place.

By choosing Covillow®, you can Breastfeed With Confidence® anywhere, anytime.  Take comfort in knowing a modest and experienced breastfeeding mother, designed the Covillow especially for you and your baby to enjoy those nurturing moments.


  1. Do you use products at home to prop your baby up while nursing, that are too large to take with you on the go?
  2. Are you fearful of breastfeeding in public?
  3. Are you concerned about what others will think when they see you breastfeeding in public?
  4. Have you felt insecure about breastfeeding in a restaurant because your nursing cover did not cover your sides and back?
  5. Has it been difficult to get your baby comfortable enough to nurse properly in public, because you had nothing to prop your baby up on?
  6. Has your baby pulled or pushed your nursing cover away while breastfeeding in public, exposing you?
  7. Has the wind ever blown aside your nursing cover while feeding your baby, exposing you?
  8. Have you had difficulty properly placing your nursing cover to ensure you and your baby, are covered?


Best and Kindest Wishes From Us To You And Yours,


Founder & CEO

Covillow, LLC                   

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