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The Covillow® is a unique and proprietary two products-in-one breastfeeding accessory, combining a breastfeeding cover and pillow into one simple and practical solution for today’s busy on-the-go mom.  If you need a simple way to fit  breastfeeding into your life, Covillow® has the answer.

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Covillow - The Breastfeeding Cover and Pillow In-One

The Covillow® combines an exclusively private and comfortable breastfeeding cover and pillow in one, designed for the busy mom and with the purpose of being a simple and practical solution, allowing mothers everywhere to enjoy those special nurturing moments with your baby, regardless of time or place.  Click HERE to see how Covillow beats other leading brands!

By choosing Covillow®, you can Breastfeed With Confidence® anywhere, anytime.  Take comfort in knowing a modest and experienced breastfeeding mother, designed the Covillow especially for you and your baby to enjoy those nurturing moments.

Answer the questions below to see if Covillow is right for you!

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, the Covillow is right for you!

  1. Do you use products at home to prop your baby up while nursing, that are too large to take with you on the go?
  2. Are you insecure about breastfeeding in public?
  3. Are you concerned about what others will think when they see you breastfeeding in public?
  4. Have you felt insecure about breastfeeding in a restaurant because your nursing cover did not cover your sides and back?
  5. Has it been difficult to get your baby comfortable enough to nurse properly in public, because you had nothing to prop your baby up on?
  6. Has your baby pulled or pushed your nursing cover away while breastfeeding in public, exposing you?
  7. Has the wind ever blown aside your nursing cover while feeding your baby, exposing you?
  8. Have you had difficulty properly placing your nursing cover to ensure you and your baby, are covered?
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